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22 Years Old. If you would like to commission me for concept art, portraits, or pet portraits; e-mail me at jlmconcepts@hotmail.com



July, 2010
Well, I dont even know what to say, it's been 2 years since i've really posted any work on the internet. But seeing as how I have an art show coming up, I need to really get back at the whole art for at least 3 hours a day. I really wish I didn't have to work, then I could have time to sell art, and teach it, or even just do more of it and learn as much as possible.... C'mon lottery, send a lucky ticket my way! Anyways before I start working on the 3 or 4 paintings for the show, i'm going to warm up by finishing some of the old work I never got around to. So i'll be posting a bit more often ( I HOPE! ). By the way I am always open to commissions, so send some e-mails to my e-mail listed, or to jamie@jmarkusart.com - you can also reach me on AIM @ MarkusMan16

Creature Concept WIP#1

December, 2008
Holy Sh*t, it's been like 7 months since i've updated my website... Well I have been in sort of an artistic slump, and havent drawn much. However, since then, i've started dating the most amazing girl I have ever met in my life. My whole outlook on life has been changed for the better, and thus, more inspiration to draw! Tonight I will be adding a few more pages to the site; Sketches, and Figure Studies. For those who do not wish to rummage through the pages to find out whats new, here are the thumbnails for the art i've added. Enjoy!! :)

My Lab;Shadow Figure Sketch Figure Study, Nude, Mini-style

June, 2008
Well finally a decent update in my gallery... I uploaded a couple concepts, and a few drawings in the animal catagory, I also got some more art uploaded to my computer, and formatted for the site, which I will try to upload soon. Enjoy the new work!

May, 2008
Heres just a little something I think you would all like. Of course the newer image is a WIP, but still my progress shows. Of course 7 years is a long time... but, whatever im done talkin, just check it out!
7 Years of Progress

April, 2008
Not updating just yet, but im just posting to let you all know im still alive. I have been drawing, painting, sketching, and whatever else-ing my ass off! Nowadays time is of the essence... A couple days ago I got a new full time job, and my old full time job will be part time. So I will be working around 60-70 hr. workweeks! Yikes... But this means I can finally save up for art school! And I can blow some money on lots and lots of new art supplies too! With this new job I get an hour off at 12 or 12:30 for lunch, so I will use that time to draw draw draw. Mostly in my sketchbook though, however I think im goin to be adding a sketchbook page, so you guys can see what I doodle throughout the weeks. Hopefully I will stop neglecting my website, and you will all have something to look at more often! Enjoy, and CHEERS!

February, 2008
First update of 08, its been a while... Lots of life things have been keeping me from my art. Update today, a self portrait in the portraits section, and a creature design in the conceptual section. Thanks for lookin'!

₪Navigating this Website

Pretty straightforward. If you cannot artwork on this main page, look at the right side of the site. There are links to the seperate galleries. I advise you to use the links anyways, to make sure you don's miss updates... When I update the gallery I will make a new post as well, to inform you.
Tonight I added 3 self portraits, with once actually in pencil from 2 years ago when I was 17... awww.

₪Tattoo Apprentice

Going to start working on tatto designs and im gonna try and do a few pages, like 5-6. I go in to a tattooo shop tomorrow to have my portfolio reviewed, as I may become a tattoo artist for a career, at least until I can save money to go to school for concept art! I'm in no rush for goin to school for concept art, I actually think im going to enjoy tattoing, once I start 2 or so years from now... Haha. Look for a section on the site for tattoo design!

₪Link Exchange

My friends, if you have a blogspot, add your link in a comment and I will add yours! You could also send an e-mail to jlmarkus@hotmail.com, if you'd rather do that.

₪Web Site Launch

Launched on 10.22.07. Having a "website" that is simple to update is the best thing that could happen to me reguarding having an online art gallery. Blogspot is a truely amazing blogger, and im glad there are enough options to be able to use it as a functional website for my art.



1st Self Portrait done digitally, 2004 Self Portrait, Digital, 2005 Portrait of my Grandfather, Digital, 2005 Portrait of my Father, Digital, 2007 Rembrandt Mastercopy, Digital, 2007 Self Portrait, Pencil, 2005 Self Portrait Study, Digital-Painter ix, 2006 Self Portrait, Digital-Photoshop 7, 2006 Self Portrait, Digital-Open Canvas, 2008 Portrait, Mixed Media, 2008


Goblin Concept, Digital, 2007 Creature Concept, Digital, 2008 Digital-Open Canvas + Photoshop, Orc, 2008 Character Concept Bust, Digital, 2008


Husky, Pencil, 2005 Gizmo, Digital, 2007 Pen and Ink, Tiger, 2006 Pen and Ink, Wolf, 2008


Toon Doodle, Digital, 2007 Toon Doodle, Digital, 2007 Toon Doodle, Digital, 2007

₪Works in Progress

Here are a few shots of a watercolor painting im workin on at the moment.. I figure I better put some art up, at least 1 thing hehe.

Creature Concept WIP#1