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22 Years Old. If you would like to commission me for concept art, portraits, or pet portraits; e-mail me at jlmconcepts@hotmail.com



July, 2010
Well, I dont even know what to say, it's been 2 years since i've really posted any work on the internet. But seeing as how I have an art show coming up, I need to really get back at the whole art for at least 3 hours a day. I really wish I didn't have to work, then I could have time to sell art, and teach it, or even just do more of it and learn as much as possible.... C'mon lottery, send a lucky ticket my way! Anyways before I start working on the 3 or 4 paintings for the show, i'm going to warm up by finishing some of the old work I never got around to. So i'll be posting a bit more often ( I HOPE! ). By the way I am always open to commissions, so send some e-mails to my e-mail listed, or to jamie@jmarkusart.com - you can also reach me on AIM @ MarkusMan16

Creature Concept WIP#1

December, 2008
Holy Sh*t, it's been like 7 months since i've updated my website... Well I have been in sort of an artistic slump, and havent drawn much. However, since then, i've started dating the most amazing girl I have ever met in my life. My whole outlook on life has been changed for the better, and thus, more inspiration to draw! Tonight I will be adding a few more pages to the site; Sketches, and Figure Studies. For those who do not wish to rummage through the pages to find out whats new, here are the thumbnails for the art i've added. Enjoy!! :)

My Lab;Shadow Figure Sketch Figure Study, Nude, Mini-style

June, 2008
Well finally a decent update in my gallery... I uploaded a couple concepts, and a few drawings in the animal catagory, I also got some more art uploaded to my computer, and formatted for the site, which I will try to upload soon. Enjoy the new work!

May, 2008
Heres just a little something I think you would all like. Of course the newer image is a WIP, but still my progress shows. Of course 7 years is a long time... but, whatever im done talkin, just check it out!
7 Years of Progress

April, 2008
Not updating just yet, but im just posting to let you all know im still alive. I have been drawing, painting, sketching, and whatever else-ing my ass off! Nowadays time is of the essence... A couple days ago I got a new full time job, and my old full time job will be part time. So I will be working around 60-70 hr. workweeks! Yikes... But this means I can finally save up for art school! And I can blow some money on lots and lots of new art supplies too! With this new job I get an hour off at 12 or 12:30 for lunch, so I will use that time to draw draw draw. Mostly in my sketchbook though, however I think im goin to be adding a sketchbook page, so you guys can see what I doodle throughout the weeks. Hopefully I will stop neglecting my website, and you will all have something to look at more often! Enjoy, and CHEERS!

February, 2008
First update of 08, its been a while... Lots of life things have been keeping me from my art. Update today, a self portrait in the portraits section, and a creature design in the conceptual section. Thanks for lookin'!

₪Navigating this Website

Pretty straightforward. If you cannot artwork on this main page, look at the right side of the site. There are links to the seperate galleries. I advise you to use the links anyways, to make sure you don's miss updates... When I update the gallery I will make a new post as well, to inform you.
Tonight I added 3 self portraits, with once actually in pencil from 2 years ago when I was 17... awww.

₪Tattoo Apprentice

Going to start working on tatto designs and im gonna try and do a few pages, like 5-6. I go in to a tattooo shop tomorrow to have my portfolio reviewed, as I may become a tattoo artist for a career, at least until I can save money to go to school for concept art! I'm in no rush for goin to school for concept art, I actually think im going to enjoy tattoing, once I start 2 or so years from now... Haha. Look for a section on the site for tattoo design!

₪Link Exchange

My friends, if you have a blogspot, add your link in a comment and I will add yours! You could also send an e-mail to jlmarkus@hotmail.com, if you'd rather do that.

₪Web Site Launch

Launched on 10.22.07. Having a "website" that is simple to update is the best thing that could happen to me reguarding having an online art gallery. Blogspot is a truely amazing blogger, and im glad there are enough options to be able to use it as a functional website for my art.